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Here at Ocean Tidings, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause. 

The team here at Ocean Tidings is headed up by the dynamic Sarah-Jo Lobwein. Armed with degrees in marine science and secondary science education Sarah-Jo is a passionate about making a change.

Sarah-Jo (or SJ as she is affectionately known by those close to her) is constantly walking her talk, forever at beach clean ups or furthering her own education on topics close to her heart. 

If you can't find SJ at the beach then she's probably busy contributing as a writer to both the print and online Ocean Geographic publication, actively spreading the word on one of her many social media initiatives (check out #swapforthesea, #rejectedasingle or #pickedupasingle just to name a few), running educational programs for our next generations, championing causes many of us are blissfully unaware exist or just dropping the occasional subtle hint to her neighbours about the little things they can do in their lives to clean up their act. 

(P.S. The devilish good looking man in the pic with SJ is her marine photographer husband, Brett)

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